If you have retired from a Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) employer and are collecting an annuity, there are restrictions in the amount of hours you can work when you return to a WRS employer.   If you have retired on or after July 2, 2013, you are restricted to working less than 880 hours within a 12 month rolling period of time.   First, if the employee is returning to the same employer, they must have a 75 day break in service before they return to work.   Please refer to ETF's 'Information for Rehired Annuitants' document.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Is it 880 hours in a school year?  No, the first 12 months is measured from your first pay check date to 12 months later.  At that time we look at your hours worked to see if you are under 880 hours.  If you are under than your calendar becomes a rolling 12 months.  This means that the newest pay check hours are added to the total and the oldest are subtracted.  As an example, you are a sub teacher and your first day worked was 11/20/2017.  The first pay check would be 01/2/2018. The report would total your hours paid from check dates 01/02/18 - 11/30/18 (12/1/18).  After the first 12 months the calendar becomes rolling.  With the check dated 01/02/19, the hours from the check dated 01/02/18 fall off and the newest hours are added to the total.  With the next check dated 02/01/19, the hours from the check dated 02/01/18 fall off and this is how the calendar become rolling, etc.  Example illustrated:

        Check Date  Hours on Check 

 1/02/2018 80  Total
 2/01/2018 56    Total
 3/01/2018 116    
 3/30/2018 56    
 5/01/2018 83.2    
 6/01/2018 80    
 6/15/2018 60    
10/1/2018 16    
11/1/2018 39.2    
11/30/2018 72.8 659.2  
Estimate 1/2/2019  92 671.2


When do my hours start over at zero after I've returned to work?  They never do unless you leave our employment for 12 months.

In addition to working as a sub SEA, I also coach an athletic team and may start working for MSCR.  Do all of those hours count?  Yes.  Any and all hours for time that is paid to you through payroll count towards the WRS hours totals.  This includes overtime, extended employment, class coverage, LTE work and IEP meeting payments.

If I work for MMSD and another school district are my hours added together and reported to ETF?  No.  You can work 870 hours at MMSD and 870 hours at another school district, as an example.

How do I know how many hours I worked?  Each re-hired annuitant is responsible for tracking their hours.  If you are paid hourly (Sub SEA, LTE, MSCR, or your time is on Kronos) the hours are on your pay stub.  If you are paid in quantities of days (Teacher, Sub Teacher, anyone paid on the monthly payroll) your day is based on 8 hours for WRS purposes.   To see the detail of what you have been paid, visit our Check Detail tool.

Please contact Kim Callies Bleiler by email or at (608) 663-5380 if you have further questions or would like to know how many hours MMSD has for you.    

Have Questions? Contact Payroll or payroll@madison.k12.wi.us