Strive for Five


The Strive for Five wellness campaign is designed to get employees up and moving. During the campaign employees partner up and strive to accomplish 30 minutes of exercise, five (5) days a week. Each day 30 minutes is achieved, each partner accumulate one (1) point. The goal is to reach 10 points per week per team of two. The program runs for five (5) weeks.

Congratulations to all employees who participated in this year's Strive for Five wellness campaign. We had a total of 512 MMSD employees participate. Together as a district MMSD earned 10,216 points, which equals at least 306,480 minutes of exercise over a 5 week period. Way to go! Winners who granted permission to share include:

Strive for Five WinnersParticipation Data


We want to thank our generout prize donors that included: M3 Insurance, Movin' Shoes, MSCR, Digman Fitness, Pinnacle Health & Fitness, Spartan Fitness, Cut Loose Salon, Machinery Row Bicycles, Planet Fitness, Madison B Cycle, and Arbonne-L. Donnelly. A big thank you goes out to these generous donors who support MMSD employee wellness!

Testimonials from Participants:

  • It was a fun challenge for us to complete together and discuss with each other throughout the weeks. It was a fun way to stay accountable.
  • Doing this challenge with a friend and teammate has been a very positive experience. Sharing the experience together was so rewarding. We got to understand the importance of fitting in some "me time" without the guilt. Looking forward to next year's challenge!
  • It helped to motivate us to keep healthy by keeping active and remembering that our bodies are just as important as our minds.
  • Working in pairs kept us accountable. We did not want to let each other down. It is easy to make excuses not to get out and exercise when you are alone. Getting outside was very calming = mindfulness!
  • It was great having my husband in the challenge with me, it lead to daily conversations.
  • Strive for Five built community at our school. We had some great conversation around wellness during lunch hours and people would send their own tips and tricks to our staff over email. Strive for Five was helpful in re-building our staff and making us feel more together. It was great! Let's do another round soon!