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What is a Site-Based Wellness Liaison?

A Site-Based Wellness Liaison is an active member of a school or building community that is committed  to creating healthier environments for staff and students. Site-Based Wellness Liaisons will serve to promote programs and resources, motivate and encourage coworkers, and work to build a culture of wellness within their building.

What does a Site-Based Wellness Liaison do?

  • Communicate district wellness programming and resources to all building employees

  • Promote and facilitate various wellness initiatives within the building

  • Motivate and inspire employees to build a culture of wellness within the building

  • Share building successes and celebrations through the district employee wellness newsletter

  • Provide continuous feedback to the district employee wellness committee to improve wellness programming for the district

  • Serve as the go to person for information, resources, or support relating to employee wellness

Additional Voluntary Opportunities:

  • Organize and facilitate a Site-Based Wellness Committee
  • Set annual wellness goals for the building and action steps to take for each school year
  • Complete all evaluation requirements such as implementation reports, program surveys, and/or wellness policy compliance reports (may include the Alliance or CDC assessment)
  • Attend required Site-Based Wellness Liaison professional development trainings

What attributes make a Site-Based Wellness Liaison affective?


Comfortable speaking in meetings or other avenues of communication with employees, hold a desire to help motivate or support others, and be energetic to promote engagement


Willing to perform duties in a timely manner, takes advantage of professional development opportunities, collaborates with other site-based wellness liaisons to grow and learn

Wellness Focused:

Passionate and knowledgeable about the importance of health and wellness

How can I become a Site-Based Wellness Liaison?

Building principals will appoint a Site-Based Wellness Liaison. The Wellness Coordinator will communicate with building principals on an annual basis to ensure the list of wellness liaisons is up-to-date. All employment categories are able to be considered for the role of the Site-Based Wellness Liaison. If you are interested in serving as your Site-Based Wellness Liaison and are not your building’s current identified staff member, we encourage you to have a discussion with your building principal to see how you might become more involved or appointed.

What resources are available to the Site-Based Wellness Liaison?

Site-Based Wellness Liaisons will be supported by the district Wellness Coordinator and the District Employee Wellness Committee (DEWC) by offering open communication, guidance, and consultation. Professional development opportunities will be available. Site-Based Wellness Liaisons are also encouraged to network with other district liaisons.