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Looking for an opportunity at a specific school?

MMSD does not post specific school/department vacancies for many of our positions. Instead, we have general "pool" postings. This allows us to collect applications and evaluate who are the best candidates for our schools/departments based on their strengths, interests, and availability. When you are notified you are moving on in the general pool, you are referred for school-specific vacancies as they become available. Our principals decide which referred candidates are best qualified for their vacancies. If you decline an opportunity to interview for a specific position, you remain in the pool and are eligible for other opportunities, unless you contact HR and ask to be removed from the applicant pool completely.

The Madison Metropolitan School District, Wisconsin’s second largest district, serves 27,000 students throughout 48 schools in the city and surrounding areas.

We have a simple but bold vision — to ensure that every school is a thriving school that prepares every student to graduate from high school ready for college, career and community.

We need support staff with a strong mission to serve our students and families to help bring this vision to life.

More About SERVE Madison

SERVE Our Schools

Below are a few examples of non-teaching careers you can pursue with our District:

  • AVID Tutor
  • Bilingual Resource Specialist
  • Clerical Support (secretaries and program assistants)
  • Custodian & Tradesworker
  • Food Service Worker
  • Security Assistant
  • Special Education Assistant & Educational Assistant
  • Substitute Special Education Assistant
  • Technical Support

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