Pre-Service Teaching With MMSD

The Madison Metropolitan School District, Wisconsin’s second largest district, serves 27,000 students throughout 49 schools in the city and surrounding areas. We have a simple but bold vision — to ensure that every school is a thriving school that prepares every student to graduate from high school ready for college, career and community. 

Teachers bring this vision to life, and  a successful teaching career begins with strong student teaching placements. MMSD partners with dynamic universities that prepare students to become change agents for student success. MMSD’s vision for pre-service teachers is to develop and support a pipeline of dynamic teachers in partnership with our universities. We do this while promoting the safety and security of our students.

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Pre-Service Teacher

Each semester, our district hosts different types of pre-service teachers. Depending on the type of experience, Human Resources determines what is required for the pre-service teacher. College and University students should not seek their own placements with an MMSD teacher. Coordinators or supervisors at our partner colleges and universities facilitate placements with MMSD principals and teachers. This ensures that Human Resources receives a full list of all placements and that each placement has final approval from principals and Human Resources.

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College/University Representative

All colleges/universities seeking pre-service placements with MMSD must become a contracted partner and must follow our placement procedures. We require that student teacher placements be approved by principals and that each student teacher have a local supervisor.

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MMSD Staff Member

Human Resources has developed a system to track all pre-service teachers for safety and security purposes as well as to develop this recruitment pipeline. This system relies on data collected from our college and university partners to ensure that pre-service teachers are properly screened, that principals are aware of and approve all placements, and allows us to better track student teachers for hire.

We require that college and university partners communicate directly with the principal (or designated student teacher contact at each school) for all placements.

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