Jennifer Trendel, Payroll Supervisor - (608) 663-5387 - Works with Administrator and Non-Union Professional employee groups and all questions

Kim Callies Bleiler, Assistant Payroll Supervisor - (608) 663-5380 - Works with WRS, banking and all questions

Laura Harrington, Payroll Specialist II - (608) 663-5373 - Works with CU, TR, FS, SA, SEE, HI employee groups and 403b, direct deposit and W4

Margaret "Meg" Hanson, Payroll Specialist II - (608) 663-5369 - Works with Teacher and Sub teacher employee groups

Alice Bach, Payroll Specialist II - (608) 442-2812 - Works with MSCR, BRS, EA/SEA, Sub SEA, Sub Sec and Coach employee groups