Paper or E-mail?

Currently, existing employees have the option to receive their payroll advice through e-mail or on paper.  Since 2015, any newly hired employees will receive their payroll advice through e-mail.  Eventually all employees will receive an electronic payroll advice.

Advantages of an electronic payroll advice:

  • Receive the payroll advice two days before the deposit date
  • The e-mail is sent to your school district e-mail address with a password protected PDF file.  The password is the last four digits or your social security number.
  • Maintain an electronic folder of the e-mails to avoid pay stub re-printing fees.

Payroll Advice Descriptions

Do you know what all of the deduction or pay codes mean on your pay check?  Visit the following easy to navigate Google sites for a comprehensive explanation of each item on the MMSD pay checks.

Click here for Monthly paid employees

Click here for Biweekly paid employees

Wondering about the dates you were paid for?  Or why your pay is more or less than you were expecting?  Use the Employee Check Detail tool.

Reprint Paycheck

To request a reprint of any payroll advice(s), please fill out this form and submit to the Payroll Office.  There is a $5 fee for each payroll advice printed.

Have Questions? Contact Payroll or