Principals (or Designated Student Teacher Representative)

Pre-service teacher placements are coordinated between the college/university and the principal or designated student teacher representative at each school. HR is tracking placements made at each school and may help facilitate placements when our college/university partners need assistance. Our goal is to develop and support a pipeline of dynamic teachers while maintaining the safety and security of MMSD students.

When you receive a placement request directly from a college/university:

  1. Check the List of College and University Partners to be sure that the college/university has a MMSD affiliation agreement
  2. Determine if you can accommodate the request for a placement in your school based on: the placement meeting the needs of your school, reflecting a district/school shortage area, and/or availability and willingness of a strong cooperating teacher who can mentor the teacher
  3. Connect your recommended teachers with the college/university representative
  4. HR will reach out to college/university partners prior to the start of the semester to get placement details and facilitate security steps (ie background check & ID badge) with students.

MMSD Teachers

All pre-service teaching placements are facilitated through the school principal. Anytime a college or university contacts you regarding a student placement, please be sure your principal has approved it.

In order to host a student teacher, you must meet the Cooperating Teacher Criteria as determined by the state legislature and followed by each partner college/university.

WI DPI rule, PI 34.15(6), requires cooperating teachers to meet these criteria:

  1. Hold a Wisconsin license, or an equivalent license where the clinical program occurs, and have volunteered for assignment as a cooperating teacher or practicum supervisor.
  2. Have at least three years of teaching experience with at least one year of teaching experience in the school or school system of current employment.
  3. Have completed training in both the supervision of clinical students and in the applicable WI Educator Standards.

If you are selected as a Cooperating Teacher, the placement details and student information will be reported to Human Resources prior to the start of the upcoming semester by the college/university.

Many of our college/university partners also solicit observation/practicum/etc. placements for their students. Each institution will have its own requirements to determine who can host these pre-service teachers.


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