In the interest of public health and safely, schools in the state of Wisconsin have been closed until further notice. The Human Resources office is temporarily closed to all visitors. Our team is working remotely during this time to continue to serve you, and we encourage you to reach out to us via email. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Administration/Labor Relations - BenefitsEmploymentPayroll

Administration/Labor Relations

Chief of Human Resources

Deirdre Hargrove-Krieghoff
(608) 663-1760


Marquita Carr
(608) 663-1693

Director of Labor Relations

Heidi Tepp
(608) 663-1742


Ndaziona Ndafooka
(608) 663-1694

Employee Relations Specialist

Najjah Thompson
(608) 663-1920


Director of Benefits

Rachelle Hady
(608) 663-1795 

Benefits Team

Sheila Arneson
(608) 663-1745
Leaves of Absence and Worker's Compensation

Sarah Desmond 
(608) 663-5930
Benefits Help Desk - Benefits Enrollment, Long Term Disability, Leave of Absence Backup

Cindy Hills
(608) 663-1697
Senior Benefits Specialist - Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Retirement

Lucero Steele
(608) 663-1746
Benefits Specialist - COBRA, Premiums

Steve Ryan
(608) 442-2926
Risk Management - Workers Compensation, Property and Casualty 

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Employment - Staffing, Hiring and Selection

HR Analyst Team

Shauna Foss
(608) 663-1743

Sarita Foster
(608) 663-1796

Otis Harris, Jr.
(608) 663-1747

Emily Nyquist
(608) 663-1698

Toya Pedracine-Stewart
(608) 663-8451

Elaine Wirsbinski
(608) 663-1748

Substitute Placement

Nansi Pettigrew
(608) 663-1862

Latrice White
(608) 663-1846

Employment - Onboarding, Data Management, and Licensing

HR Information Systems Supervisor

Tina Updike
(608) 663-1741

Employment Specialist Team

Becca Colegial
(608) 663-5850
Administrators and Professional staff, BRS, AVID Tutors, Coaches, LTEs

Tara Heller
(608) 663-1710
Teachers, HI Interpreters

Francesca Soda
(608) 663-1696
Clerical/Technical, Custodian and Trades, EA Unit, Food Service, Security Assistants

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Payroll Supervisor

Jennifer Trendel
(608) 663-5387
Administrator and Professional payrolls

Assistant Payroll Supervisor

Kim Callies-Bleiler
(608) 663-5380

Payroll Specialists

Alice Bach
(608) 442-2812
BRS, EA Unit, MSCR, and Coach payrolls

Meg Hanson
(608) 663-5369
Teacher and Substitute Teacher payrolls

Laura Harrington
(608) 663-5373
Clerical/Technical, Food Service, HI Interpreters, and Custodian/Trades payrolls; 403(b) plans

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