You’ve had a successful career at MMSD and now you’re thinking of the next phase: retirement. The retirement process is simple, but planning is important because retirement planning can take time.   

I’m thinking about retiring, but need more information.  What should I do?

1.  Request Retirement Estimates

  • WRS Pension estimate by calling WRS at -877-533-5020.  Once received, schedule an individual consultation with WRS.
  • MMSD retirement estimate by contacting Cindy Hills at or at (608) 663-1697.

2.  Attend Retirement Planning Meetings

  • Attend the annual retirement workshop at MMSD in November (attendance is not mandatory but suggested at least 1 year prior to retirement)
  • Attend a retirement consultation meeting with MMSD.  You can sign up for one here.
  • Schedule a retirement consultation with MTI if you are a MTI member
  • Schedule a retirement consultation with your 403b provider, if you have a 403b plan
  • Schedule a retirement consultation with WRS (can only be done after your WRS Pension estimate has been mailed to your home

 3.  Turn in your retirement notice and retirement paperwork

  • If you need assistance with completing the retirement paperwork, attend a retirement consultation with MMSD or request and individual meeting with the Benefits Division.

What are my responsibilities around notification that I plan to retire?

You are responsible for notifying the Benefits Division of your intent to retire, no later than the dates outlined below.  The Benefits Division will work with you on your individual retirement benefits and retirement process.

  • Administrators: no later than January 15th
  • Teachers: no later than February 15th
  • Supportive Educational Employees: no later than 4 weeks before your last day worked
  • All Others: no later than 2 weeks before your last day worked

Am I eligible to retire through MMSD (separate from WRS retirement)?

  • Administrator: At least 55 years old
  • Custodial:  WRS or Social Security eligible
  • Educational Employee: At least 55 years old, 10 years of service and WRS eligible
  • Food Service: WRS or Social Security eligible
  • Professional and Professional-Instructional: At least 55 years old
  • Security: At least 55 years old, 10 years of service and WRS eligible
  • Supportive Educational Employees: At least 55 years old and WRS eligible
  • Teachers: Years of Service + age = 75, or 30 years of service

Is there a difference between separation and retirement?

Yes. Separation simply means leaving MMSD employment. If you want to retire and are eligible to do so, retiring from MMSD allows for continuation of some benefits.

Have Questions? Contact the Benefits Helpdesk at or at (608) 663-1692