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Bring fresh, healthy, organic veggies to work by starting a Workplace CSA program!

What is a CSA?

A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between a farm and a community of supporters. In a Workplace CSA, the worksite partners with a farm to have a fresh box of local produce delivered right to your work every week. Each box (or share) contains a variety of the freshest produce and products from your local farm. Many organizations are incorporating CSAs into their employee wellness programs; it is a great way to encourage people to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of a CSA

Workplace CSA for employees offers:

  • Convenience – Leave work with your veggies and save shopping and driving time.
  • Camaraderie – Enjoy the fun of opening your box  in the company of your colleagues! Swap veggies, share recipes, and experience CSA with your colleagues.
  • Community – Workplace CSA brings people together from across many different departments for the fun of unpacking CSA shares once a week. Take it a step further by holding a CSA potluck or visiting your farm together!

To Learn More

If you're interested in launching a Workplace CSA at your building, feel free to reach out to Marla Peterson, MMSD Communications, for resources. You can also reach out directly to FairShare CSA Coalition, a local organization working to link local farms with work sites.

FairShare CSA Coalition now has a toolkit for businesses who are interested in cultivating a workplace CSA, Cultivating Workplace CSA: Toolkit for Businesses. Contact to receive this new resource to help you launch your program.