Wisconsin Chpt. 48 requires all employees of Wisconsin public school districts to report suspected child abuse and neglect. In addition, school boards must require all employees to receive training provided by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) within six months of initial hiring, and at least every five years thereafter. If you are being hired for short-term employment, it must be completed prior to, or at the earliest possible time after, your first day of work.

This training may be completed during your normal work hours, during a prep period, or after hours. No compensation is paid for watching the training video after hours. To complete the training:

  1. Go to DPI’s Child Abuse and Neglect webcast at: https://media.dpi.wi.gov/sspw/av/child-maltreatment-part-1/story.html

  2. After completing the training, you will be taken to the Documentation of Completed Training screen. Press the "Email Your Supervisor" button. Enter training@madison.k12.wi.us. Do NOT send to an MMSD employee's personal email address.

  3. MMSD Human Resources is emailed the confirmation that Act 81 training was completed.

When making the decision to report child abuse/neglect:

  1. Review Reporting Phone Numbers and Procedures document before making a report.

  2. You may consult with other staff (social worker, nurse), but this cannot delay in making a report if a report is necessary. 

  3. ALL staff are required to fill out this documentation google form after a report has been made.